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Lauren Arender (Waldon) is the sole owner of LA Productions. Along with fulfilling her roles as the Executive Director of the Arkansas International Pageants she is an advocate for CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates. Having gone through the system she feels that being a mentor; as well as, a voice for children who often fall through the cracks

Lauren was crowned Miss Arkansas International 2016 and has been a representative and recruiter for the International Pageant since

"The International System gave me a voice and a vehicle to promote my platform, CASA. I'm so thankful for the many opportunities that the International System has given me over the years."

Lauren became the director of the Arkansas International Pageant System in August of 2019 and looks forward to continuing on the phenomenal legacy that the system holds so dearly. 


Lauren is the recipient of the Director's Diamond of Excellence Award, has been featured on The Pageant Planet for fitness as well as top head shots of 2017. Lauren has participated at Miss International as both Miss Arkansas International 2016 and at large as Miss Southern States 2017. As Miss Southern States she placed in the top 10 at Miss International in 2017. 

For her platform she created Comfort Kits for CASA, a nonprofit organization, where she has collected and distributed over 5,000 bags filled with items children need for their transition into foster care. Her passion for foster children stems from her desire to give back to the organization [CASA] that gave so much to her. Lauren was placed in foster care at the age of 6 and was later adopted at 11. When she entered foster care she had only the clothes on her back, the shoes on her feet and was given a garbage bag for her belongings. She believes that by supplying these children and teens with these simple items (such as toothbrush, deodorant, etc) they will not feel alone and worthless-as she did. 

" I am so excited for the amazing opportunity to pour into the lives of girls all around the state-just as I was, not too long ago. When I was recruited I didn't realize what the International Pageant stands for. However after experiencing how much different it truly is from other system-  I fell in love. I love what the Pageant represents; I love the lifelong friendships I've made with people all over the world; But most of all, I love the pageant family that we are here at Arkansas International Pageants. I cannot wait for you to become part of our family!


This pageant is not made for everyone and that is okay, but ANYONE can do well in this. However this is not to be brushed aside: To compete in this pageant you must have determination to accomplish your goals, the desire to serve your community and a heart to leave the world better than you found it.  I challenge you to reach for the stars and take a step out of your comfort zone... you won't regret it!"

I look forward to working with/for you and this life changing experience. 

Lauren Arender

Executive Director

Arkansas International Pageants