Little Miss Arkansas International


the 2021 little miss Arkansas international pageant will take place march 26TH, 2022.
would love
to have you there with us! 
apply today! 

Deadline to enter is FEBRUARY 11TH! 

What is little miss Arkansas International?

Enter today and start living your dreams. Now accepting applications for this year's competition. Cash prizes, round crowns and sashes for the winners in each age group. Trophies for all participants.

Our Mission: "Come Experience the Difference"
We welcome you to join our family and meet other great contestants from around our state. The Arkansas International competition is an event designed to give a positive environment for young girls. You could be the next State Titleholder! Great cash prizes and prizes.

Who are the Little Miss Arkansas International Contestants? A search is underway for the next Little Miss Arkansas International Contestant! Contact our office for an application today. If you are looking for a competition that celebrates your daughters natural beauty, then continue reading . . .We are promoting young ladies from across our state, that are beautiful and natural with a light touch of makeup.

We will be accepting a limited amount in each age group. Baby Miss - 12-23 months, Tiny Miss - 2-3 years, Little Miss - 4-6 years, Petite Miss - 7-9 years, Young Miss - 10-12 years, Junior Miss- 13-16 years. The competition is based on these categories: Beauty- Personality/Modeling- Attire (Divisional Queen) Photogenic is a separate category and we have one Overall Grand Supreme Queen.

No talent competition and no experience necessary. Party dresses or pageant dresses are allowed for the Divisional Queen Competition. All entries must be turned in by the deadline date. We will not take any entrants the day of the pageant. Enter our website and begin your journey to becoming the next Little Miss Arkansas International Contestant.

You may print our on line application and send it in with your $50.00 non refundable deposit along with a copy of her birth certificate and a photo for our files.


Arkansas International Grand Supreme 2020

Savvy Jo Kent 

Arkansas International Overall Online Voting 2020

Maddison Smart

Baby Miss Arkansas International 2020

Nellie Packard

Tiny Miss Arkansas International 2020

Violet Spill 

Little Miss Arkansas International 2020

Josie Lou Ingram

Petite Miss Arkansas International 2020

Eden Gibson

Young Miss Arkansas International 2020

Izze Scott

Junior Miss Arkansas International  2020

Bailey Ellis