Miss Online Voting

Online voting will begin January 4th, 2021 and will end may 1st, 2021 at midnight. 

there is a $5.00 minimum to vote 


Miss Northeast Arkansas 

International 2021

Words that describe Gabrielle Goins, a goal-getter, hard working, sassy, & a driven leader. She seeks to inspire & help children who have been victims of child abuse. To show them it’s okay the share their stories, get help & not hide in the darkness. Her passion lead her to become a CASA volunteer, & start a webpage called “Let’s Talk.” All while promoting her platform “The Voice of the Voiceless,” to aid the victims of child abuse. As Miss Arkansas International, she will continue her work, & share the importance of spotting the signs, & being an overcomer of their circumstances.


Miss Jonesboro

International 2021

My name is Taylor Hammons, I am a 19 year old Lyon collegiate athlete. I am majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish, to broaden the amount of people I can influence positively. I love to run, sing, play piano, play soccer, and shop with my friends. At 16 I started a platform called “Now” to encourage people to reach out to others, because you never know what’s going on behind closed doors.


Miss Cleburne County

International 2021

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